Important message: Please note that this service is being discontinued from January 1 2015. After this date you will no longer be able to access this website. 

Exclusif is a new subscription website for teachers and students studying Français B as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. It is an exciting online source of topical news and cultural articles, accompanied by interactive IB assessment-style exercises – all entirely in French. 

The website is regularly updated with a topical news article, video or culture feature written specifically for IB Français B students. Every article or video is accompanied by interactive exercises or quizzes written by practising IB teachers, and aimed at testing and practising key IB exam skills. A rollover translation tool assists students in comprehension and acquisition of language.

Vocabulary lists covering all core and options topics support students, and a weekly French blog engages them in topical news and events throughout the French-speaking world.  

The site complements our established Pearson Baccalaureate series for the IB Diploma, which includes a new Français B Student Book and Teacher Guide. To order your copies, please visit our online shop|.

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A subscription is required to access the educational resources on Exclusif. This can be purchased from the Pearson online shop|.  


To see an example of the kind of content you can find on the site, click on the example content links below, or click here| to see a video about the website.